Just enjoy!

The past two weeks have been rough for my kids. Stomach virus’ and toddlers seem to be best friends. That sickness did not want to leave me and my kids alone! We were stuck in our house for 13 days straight. I had no concept of time or what day it was, the kids were taking turns getting sick and I was washing sheets and blankets daily. Did I mention I was also sick for a week, yea there was that.

So when the opportunity came up for the whole family to go to the pumpkin farm, I think I was more excited than everyone. Here are a few pictures from our day.



We were only there for a few hours but I didn’t want to leave. Yes, Isaac was starting to get into everything at the gift shop are and I was mentally kicking myself for not wearing Luke instead of carrying him. I was getting distracted and I could have enjoyed myself more if I was not allowing circumstances to determine my joy. However, I was determined to have a good time with my family.  Luke was having a blast in the bins of dried beans and attempted to eat some to no avail.  Isaac and Daddy went in a hay bale maze, and for the first time in my life, I was too tall for a child’s game. We went on a cute train ride and even brought some little pumpkins home with us for all of us (including Phoebe), then went and got pizza. It was a good evening.

IMG_3815This last image is probably my favorite. My husband took this photo of me trying to get the boy’s attention to take a photo by the pumpkins. This is just me not caring about the other adults around as I sing and do all kinds of dances to keep their attention. It reminds me that my kids are worth it. They are worth all of the hard work, sleepless nights, the constantly praying for, the joy, the pain, the tears.  Just enjoy. Just enjoy the small wins, the big victories, the small smiles and those little ones whose hands still work to hold your fingers. It’s all a blessing.


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