Yes, we’re having another baby! 

I know I’ve been gone for a few weeks,  it was all for good reason! In case you missed the news last Sunday on my IG or FB we are having our third child! Yes, we are pregnant and very excited about it. And please do t read this make a grimace face and go “oh…” don’t feel sorry for us either! I’ve gotten a few of those faces from well-meaning people who may not have realized they look like they are eating a raw onion or something. Our oldest son will be 2.5 our middle will be about 18 months or so. Yes, I will have three children under 3.

Do you need to sit down? You may already be sitting. Now I have a secret I’m going to share with you…we planned it this way. We wanted to have our kids close together and God in his infinite wisdom did not give us more than we can handle.  I’ll be 35 a few months after our 3rd baby is born and we planned on having all our kids before I got that age.

Will it be a lot of work at first? Sure. They are babies, it’s in their job description. Is it difficult now being pregnant and have two little boys who need their mama? Sure. They are babies, it’s in the job description.

There have been days recently that my boys have spent more time in their cribs and being babysat by a movie. But that’s just how it is some days. Should my oldest spend so much time playing on my iPad? Probably not- however he’s really exploded in his desire to learn and is a spelling machine. I appreciate anything that furthers his language development.

What I’m trying to say is I’m aware that things can be difficult, but joyful and my desire to raise my children in the best way possible outweighs any fears that I or anyone else can have about our growing family.

I’ve had a few wonderful people tell me lately “you were just made to be a mom”. You know what? I agree with them. Do you have kids? Then you were made to be a mom too.

This summer I’m starting a “mommas of multiples” series with some incredible women who I’m blessed to call friends. Every week I plan on posting a new interview with a wonderful momma of 3 (or more) kids to share their experiences. If you have 3 or more kids or know a mom who does please feel free to contact me! I look forward to hearing from you! 

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