Happy Birthday Phoebe, today you would have been 4

To our Phoebe,
Today you would have been 4 years old. I’m thankful that you made me a #girlmom
I’m thankful that you made me a fighter

Your loss made me cling to Jesus more and not spiral into depression and pain.
I’m thankful that you made me more forthright and open to the world of grief and joy
I see your sister and I think you could have had the same smile, maybe you two would be best friends.
I’m thankful that sunflowers remind me of you. Anytime I look at the stars I think of your name (Phoebe means bright, Estelle means star).
I’m thankful that through pain and trauma we had the joy of trusting in God when in that moment I never wanted to “fail” again. Fear and trauma were right at the door after your birth but God is bigger than fear. He’s bigger than pain and more so is one who is well acquainted with grief.
This year is different. This year we are all well acquainted with grief and loss. But joy is right there too. I’m thankful for you baby girl. We will see you again someday.

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