Big changes are here, the boys are going to school!

It’s nearly impossible to get a photo of kids looking the same direction but that’s ok. Why? Because it’s the carpet I’m going to talk about. It’s a new road ahead for our boys. Tomorrow they begin extended school year IN PERSON. They have been doing school online for over a year. Isaac will be going for full day instruction for the first time. Luke will be gone for transitional kindergarten class and be gone as well (nearly full day). It’s not just going to school, their toddlerhood is now ending. I know Isaac just turned 6 but he turned 5 and 6 in a pandemic and did his first year of school on a computer.
Not only that huge change today we announced Nathan and I were stepping back as the lead Childrens pasties at our awesome church @sccoakland. WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. We are making room for the incredible, talented Holy Spirit filled Katrina Johnson to take the lead.
I’m the first person to tell you I’m pretty go with the flow but with these huge transitions the lead up to these huge events has been hard. And that’s ok. I know my boys are going to be ok at school and I KNOW the kids ministry is in great ha sa with @_katreenz and her awesome team. God is still good, especially in the transitions. To the parents at SCC particularly the nursery: thank you for letting me love on your kids like they were my own. I’m honored that I got to see them grow literally in their infancy and see the “God lightbulb” come on and see them dance to worship music with joy.
Love you all and see you next week in service!
Pastor Lisa

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