National rainbow baby day

This is our rainbow baby girl Hope. It’s funny today is #nationalrainbowbabyday and Phoebes birthday/passing is coming up this week. This year feels different. No day goes bye that I don’t want her here with us, but I feel like little by little seeds of strength are being grown into Oaks of resilience.

This week is a special week for us. It’s Phoebes third birthday in heaven and Lukes 4th birthday. All of our kiddos are a constant reminder of how much we’re loved by God and he leaves his handprint in our life’s. Becoming a special needs parent makes your heart soft but your hands strong. You’re willing to fight for the needs of your kids. Becoming a “rainbow” parent shows you daily about the redemptive nature of God. When everything seemed lost God in his loving kindness gave us Hope when it felt like the stars fell out the sky.

Being a parent in any form is work but the best and most terrifying type. God left you the keys to someone’s heart, and formative growth and you are trusted to (hopefully) help them grow and thrive into who they were created to be. In turn you are growing into who you were created to be as well.

So I’m case you were like me and lost a baby halfway along, the pain is really and may not go away, but there is hope on the other side of the rainbow.

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