National Loving Day

Today is a very special day for my family. National Loving Day is the anniversary of the Supreme Court removing state bans on interracial marriage. This occurred in 1967. Read that again, 1967. Mildred and Richard Loving were married in 1957 in Washington D.C. and that evening when they went home to Virginia they were removed from their house in the middle of the night and arrested. They were given the option to leave Virginia for 25 years or stay in jail.

With the help of the ACLU and the tenacity of Mildred they continued to the Supreme Court and their case was heard and overturned the law that interracial marriage was illegal.

In these recent days of civil unrest this day is a little extra special to us. I love my husband and our kids and could not imagine my life without my beautiful family.

Do we come from two totally different cultures? Yup

Do we constantly learn from one another and discover something new nearly every day? Yup

Did we base our relationship first on God and a long friendship? Absolutely. We’ve experienced racism in our marriage. It infuriates my husband and I just roll my eyes because part of me is used to being misunderstood and he’s new to the party in that respect.

Recently we’ve made it a point to celebrate this day every year. We never want to forget the huge sacrifice that Mildred and Richard Loving made.

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