What else can we say?

My heart is too heavy to speak of everything that has happened this past week, decade, century, 400 years of oppression, trauma and pain.
It’s not enough to say “spread the love” and leave it on your feed as some platitude. Understanding, empathy, prayer, listening, equity, love, peace all of these things are needed. I can’t stop thinking of so many beautiful black young men I know right now that will be misunderstood by their hair, Skin color or developmental ability. How many times will our young men “fit the description” of a possible suspect and be treated as guilty by a system not meant to serve them?
How many young women will be followed around a store because it’s presumed she’s going to steal (it’s happened to me) My people are exhausted.
They have been stolen, sold, beaten, raped, hung, falsely accused, shot, and have been treated as criminals all while just trying to LIVE. Our lives matter. My sons, cousins, friends, fathers, uncles, brothers lives matter.

#blacklivesmatter #parentingwhileblack #specialneedsblackparenting

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