Fear is a liar

So yesterday my kids and I went to a totally fun birthday party for a sweet 2 year old from church.

I almost talked myself out of going and I’m so thankful I did not. Here is how the internal dialogue was going:

“No one is going to understand your kids”. “You can’t do this by yourself.” “What if one of the boys has a meltdown?” “How will they react in a new environment, sounds, food, noise?” “What if one of them knocks over the treats on the table?” Ok that did happen at a birthday party so that last one was at least valid.

For some reason I was having issues rsvp-ing for the party so I was taking it as a “sign” I shouldn’t go. I bit the bullet and talked to the mom of the kiddo and her response was “we’re just glad your going to come!” Internally I knew that’s what she was going to say, I know this wonderful woman and she’s sweet and welcoming. The party was at a kids gym and it was literally the best possible place for my kids (and any kids) to be. The play gym even had a sensory room which came in handy when Isaac was feeling a little overwhelmed.

Im saying all this to say I allowed negative thoughts to nearly ruin a totally fun day for my kids. I allowed insecurities to define my friends by my worst fears. Here is what actually happened at the party:

Luke had a blast playing with every single toy he could get his hands on- they even had his favorite toy he has at home a vacuum. Hope was so curious and playing with everything she could reach she did t want to eat lest she miss out on all the fun! Isaac sat at a table full of people he did not know and ate quietly and even communicated with an adult he wanted more food!

All in all the kids had an amazing time. If I let fear win we all would have missed out on the fun. Fear is a liar. It wants you to believe you can only function in the parameters it tells you to and block your view of the good things right I. Front of your eyes.

As for my worries and fears about the party? Kids had a blast and only one cupcake was taken before the birthday girl blew out her candles so I consider it a win!

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