The Dollar Store Chronicles: Fall Edition

Total honesty: I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes, avocado toast, or sunny side up eggs. I’m a terrible millennial. But I do love fall and all it has to bring.

I know many people love ‘soaking up the last of summer’ but I’m all for Fall! I grew up on the East Coast and have lived in California for over 15 years. I still miss changing seasons, leaves turning color and apple picking. You can experience all those things in California-just not all in the same place.

I also want to start certain traditions in my home, outside  decoration for Christmas. When I was kid my mom and I would always decorate for ‘Harvest’ no ghost, witches or monsters. I looked forward yearly to go to New Jersey to a pumpkin farm, get apple cider and donuts and pick out a few pumpkins and mums. 

So I started pulling together autumn decorations from my favorite place- The Dollar Tree. Full disclosure- I almost didn’t post this blog because out of NOWHERE I felt ashamed that I’m not posting some pinterest perfect, specially curated decorations for our home from Pottery Barn or my version of Disney Land: Hobby Lobby. But you know what? Maybe one day I’ll have that but today, this is what we have, and I know I’m not the only one who wants to have fun and enjoy the seasons.

However, I also know that sometimes you may want pottery barn style but have a dollar spot budget- this is for you. Here are some great ways to add some fall decor to your home. 

Note: I’m not into spooky ghosts, blood and nasty halloween stuff. The closest ‘scary’ thing you will see me watch is the Halloween baking championship on the Food Network. Spooky stuff is not how I roll, but if that your thing the dollar tree has tons of options from roses with eye balls to creepy masks an all.

Here are a few tips on how to ‘Autumn up’ your home on the cheap:

Tip 1: Silk flowers are your friend. Get tons of them. Their are always loads in different beautiful, rich autumn colors.  I have made more than one wreath over the years and made a new one for
about 10.00 (add photo) I also added flowers to my already existing artwork o the walls and it just adds a new perspective and fun to what you already have. 

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid of foam pumpkins. They can be painted, of you like or just use them as they are! I have to keep my small pumpkins up high because Isaac loves to collect little pumpkins and put them in his bed! 

Tip 3: Farm signs everywhere! So I admit I collect the cuts farm signs every time I see them and they are only a dollar so why not? I have them in the kitchen, bathroom and hallways, it just makes me smile to see Harvest banners all over.

So if you enjoy decorating on a budget, or just adding some sold decorations to your already burgeoning stash, hop over to your local Dollar store and see what theh


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