Happy birthday in Heaven Phoebe

Today, you would have been two years old my beloved daughter. This is for you, and every little one like you who went home to be with the Lord.

Dancing at the feet of Jesus

Joy eternal,you dance on the stars.

Heavens sings the glory of God as you dance at the feet of Jesus

His smile is all you see, His delight is all you feel

You knew my heartbeat as life rhythm, but in His arms you came alive

You only briefly knew pain sickness and death, but your birth was still a celebration.

Heaven chattered “She’s here!” as our savior beamed at your sight.

I never got to see you smile or walk, but today is your day, bright star.

You dance at the feet of Jesus, because I know that is where you are. You have other friends who were born like you, briefly on earth and straight to heaven.

Their laughter and joy fills the sadness and mourning of their families on the other side of heaven. “I’ll bring joy to those who mourn, comfort to those who need it!” Jesus says and he watches you spin, dance and laugh.

One day soon we will meet again and it will be like time has never passed. I miss you beloved but I know with certainty that you are well taken care of. Heaven is your home, Jesus is our savior and you have friends and plenty of family with you too.

Keep dancing beloved and one day we will meet again.

Until then, I’ll smile and maybe I’ll dance too.

Thank you, everyone for all your love and support over the past two years. Thank you for your stories, of loss, joy and triumph.

If you would like to hear about what I’ve learned over the passed two years surviving pregnancy loss and a very traumatic experience, listen to my podcast and hear all about it.

Thank you again, keep dancing.