The enriched life

My three couldn’t be more different and I know we couldn’t be prouder of being their parents. If you read our last post I spoke about Lukes current diagnosis of autism. It’s yet another difficult transition into something new. However, I can’t help but think this has always been in Gods plan. Sickness and death were never a part of the original plan for creation, but here we are.

I know we have had so many difficulties and set backs over the past 6 years Our beautiful girl, Phoebe who went to be with the Lord the day she was born- her name meant bright star. I think of her every time I look in the night sky. Isaac- one who laughs- he is a joy to everyone around him Autism is just a piece of who he is and I’m sure that he is going to be able to reach people I cannot because of it.

Luke- one who illuminates- his adventurous spirit and silliness always bring a smile to anyone’s face. We’re just beginning this autism journey with him but God knows the road he will take, I pray daily that he will learn he has a loving earthly and loving Heavenly Father who will always be with him.

Hope- joyful expectation of what’s to come- every day is a new adventure with her and I love seeing her grow. She is a physical form of the redemptive love of Christ. After he sister passed I wanted to give up on ever having kids, and give in to anger and depression. But God foreknew that we would need this special little girl.

I’ve been spending less time online and more on working on my home, studying for my ordination classes, podcasting, blogging, getting services for Luke and honestly just enjoying life.

Things have been stressful but this morning I woke up with an undeniable joy of all that God has given us, even what has been taken away.

This is my Enriched life. Seeing the joy in Difficulty, struggles and yet knowing God is in control of all of it.

I pray you see your enriched life as well. Joy in the stress, redemption in the grief. The love of Jesus, knowing He’s WITH you every step.

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