Why I needed a morning routine- UPDATED!!


Having a morning routine feels like a constant battle for me.  Having MY OWN routine really makes a difference for my whole day.  Baby Hope is 8 months old and she initial shock of having three kids 3 and under has worn off. I just stopped nursing/pumping for the very last time (all 4 of my babies). Now I’m finally starting to get myself back.

I’m not just a baby machine, but a mother, a woman, a child of God. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve had to work through a feeling of guilt. Guilty that I should just immediately get up the second my kids do. After getting Isaac up and out to school, I make sure my babies have their bottles and sippy cups. Then make my way to the kitchen as assess the damage. Did I clean up everything last night? Why is the floor sticky? Why didn’t I finish? Why am I soooo tired?

Then I realized something…It can wait 30 minutes. All of it. Whatever your ‘it’ is.

My kids can wait 30 minutes (the two that are not in school).

The dog won’t die if he is not paid attention to for 30 minutes.

The early morning quiet will only last so long and I want to take in what I can.

So…what’s my new morning routine?

My ‘alarms’ wake me up about 6:45 or so. Their names are Hope Luke and Isaac. I get up and make Isaacs lunch and get him out the door for the school bus I give them their milk and then lay down for another 20 minutes if I can

I listen to the quiet of the misty Oakland morning. I do. Mockingbirds and bluebirds outside singing their songs, it’s calming for me.

I make myself my Thai tea latte. Or chai, depending what I like. I don’t drink coffee.

I received a wonderful milk frother for Christmas a few years ago that I love so much. Where do I get Thai tea from? Amazon.


I have been reading this devotional on the Bible App called ‘Overwhelmed by my blessings’. I am so grateful a wonderful mommy friend suggested it to me. Thanks, C!  It is a weekly series devotional that honestly has been amazing. I may not read all of it every single day, but I do the best I am and I’m all the better for getting the Word of God in me before I can deal with everyday life.

What if you don’t read the bible? Are you stressed from being a mom, worn out, exhausted? This devotional may be for you. 5 minutes. It’s all you need. You can carve out 5 minutes for yourself and Jesus. You need to be filled, encouraged and loved as well. Just like your kids.

Getting dressed…now I know there are some incredible moms out there who manage to look like fashion models wear full jewelry and look cute all day. I’m working on that. I have three kids 3 and under. I do what I can. Without jewelry. But if you want to buy me some studs…I don’t stop you.

Blogging- obviously, I blog. Only recently have I  started to carve out time to write every day, even if I don’t post every day. I’m amazed how I have not run out of ideas. Blogging in the morning has made a huge difference. It’s not stressful and I’ll able to give the best part of myself. Now I’m a creative and I used to do my best at about 11:30 PM. But I’m also a mom-I do my best sleeping by then.

So this is what I am working on doing daily. I told my husband about my new routine, “I feel like I’m a better me.”  He smiled and said, “You already are a great you.” I love him, and I’m starting to like this new routine. Be a better you too.

Until next time!


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  1. Hi Lisa:
    I love your blog. Your writing is lyrical, lovely and strong.
    I met Nathan several years ago when he worked at my house and he told me all about you and Issac and your life.

    I am a retired public school teacher and taught for 38 years. My first teaching position was in 1970 and a newly built residential school for the developmentally disabled. Acalanes Unified (Lafayette) hired me and I had a pretty classroom in the woods on a creek. My background was
    Fine Art and English.
    No one believed developmentally disabled children could draw or read.
    After 4 years I was hired by Castro Valley Unified. I taught there for thirty years. Twenty years after we founded a school for independent living and then ten more at a small high school for at risk teens. I always had kids, teens and adults in my classes who were in the Autistic spectrum.

    Your writing and photos are wonderful and you are do so much that I wanted to just say:
    I do understand how hard each day must be. If there is anything that I could pass onto you,please let me know.
    Take very good care of you.
    Kathryn Rothrock


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