The Type B moms guide to cleaning your home

I’m the first person to tell you what I am NOT. I’m not a hyperactive type A person who thrives on being around 5 million (or even 20) people and needs to constantly be moving in order to feel contentment. I am NOT Marie Kondo (although I love her folding technique). I am the mom who struggles with laundry, cleaning their house and making dinner daily. But here is the thing. Something happens when you have more than two kids. 1. More laundry. 2. More kids. 3. Either you must become more organized or drown in the pit of despair- or baby socks.

Here is what I do:

1. Make a plan(ish) Look, if you have some magical toddlers who clean up after themselves and never make messes-they must be made out of plastic because I have never met those children. But as for the rest of us who have kids who make messes. You need to make a plan. One that is attainable for you.

1. Do laundry multiple times a day. If not the hoard of clothing will take over my hallway/laundry room/house. No, really. I even mean putting it away. This will save you from having to fear the giant Mountian of clothes on the weekend wondering how you just got here. Don’t want to wash so much? Purge the families clothes and give away things. I just got rid of 90% of my kids clothes because they got a good amount for Christmas. Less cloths, less to wash. Less laundry sparks joy (thanks Marie!).

2. Make a list-even if just one to aspire to. My mom always told me when I was younger “Your brain is not a computer, just write it down so you don’t forget!” If you are like me and you hate writing list not for the fact that you wrote one, but the fear of failing said list before the day ends. Get over it. Now. Celebrate every small win. If you didn’t get to everything in your list. Its ok. Celebrate the small wins and if you got something on your list done then great.

3. Set a goal and focus on one thing. If you have a goal of having a cleaning schedule, then make one. Here is an example of one I try to use.

Mondays: Bathrooms

Tuesday: Bedrooms

Wednesday Living room

Thursdays: Floors

Friday: Deep Clean 1 specific area (like clean out pantry clean windows)

Every day- laundry, kitchen, make beds, pick up kids room.

Saturday: rest

Sunday Night: Pick up house, living room, hallway, kids room, lavy out kids clothes for school)

I know it can look like a lot when this is not your strong point. But how to do you get strong if you don’t work out that area? You can create an environment that makes it easy for you. Dollar store bins and baskets for kids stuff, pairing down items you really don’t need, creating a attainable cleaning schedule you can stick to. There are people out there (I know them) who have the gift of neatness. I may not have that gift, but my sanity dictates that if things are cleaned and organized around me it creates a calm and peaceful environment outside and inside. I’m all for a peaceful home and a peaceful mind.

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