Dollar Store Christmas Hacks

Babies and Gentleman

IMG_4903It’s Christmas time! This is truly my favorite time of the year! I have so many good memories being a kid and ‘doing Christmas’ together. I knew it was the Holiday season when my dad pulled out Handel’s Messiah remixed by Quincy Jones. Now that I have my own little ones, I look forward to when Christmas will become something special to them as well. We also want to try to keep our Christmas cost from overwhelming us as well. When we first got married we were BROKE! We were so broke our nativity only had 2 wise men.  We had a very dollar store Christmas when we were first married. Fast forward 5.5 years and two kids later, we are in a different place financially (thanks, Dave Ramsey) and still want to celebrate and not go broke.

How do we do that?

Christmas cookies- We make cookies for nearly…

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