When traumatic events go down…

On this special day of September 11th. I wanted to share this post from last year.

Babies and Gentleman


I experienced the terror 9/11. I was a senior at St. Peter’s girl’s high school in Staten Island, NY and it was a morning like any other. I always loved walking from the bus stop and looking at the beautiful Manhatten skyline. We all went to class that morning (in my case Drama). Then tragedy struck. You could hear the airplane hit the towers. It was an echoing sound I’ll never forget. Moments later fear panic and confusion took over. Plenty of us had parents who worked in the city. Were they going to come home? Not only did we hear the plane crash, we heard the towers fall. Our city was covered in shock, fear, confusion, and terror. I went to a Catholic school- so every day for months there were funeral services for families who lost others that day.

Shock, fear, trauma. You can insert any story that…

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