Happy 1st Birthday Phoebe

Today is the day she were born, lived and then went to Heaven. Today is a day for redemption and joy. We still miss her and look forward to the day we meet again.

One year ago it would have felt impossible to think that we would have another little girl. In God’s great narrative of redemption and grace, Hope Shalom was born just under a year after her older sister passed.

I don’t know what it’s like to lose an older child, or husband, or to have a terminal illness. But I know in deepest time of need my Heavenly Father was there when I needed Him most.

I do know when things are the worst, cling to Jesus.

When everything has gone wrong and feels like you are sinking, run to the one who can save you.

We prayed for a miracle on the way to the hospital that night, we prayed that God had a plan for her life. He did. It was just not what we imagined it would be.

The miracle would come a year later in the form of another little girl named Hope. God’s plan for Phoebes life on this side of heaven was only temporary.

Her story however, has reached more people in this past year than I could have ever imagined.

What have I learned in the past year?

It’s ok to mourn.

It’s ok to feel hurt.

It’s ok to laugh.

It’s ok to enjoy life.

It’s also ok to get back up.

I don’t wish my past year for anyone, however, the one word that comes to mind about it is “THANKFUL” – because we truly are.


  1. I love this too, it’s very beautifully written. So sorry for your loss love. I’m glad God had you and your family and continues to help you through any obstacles that come along!


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