Hope is here-her birth story

It’s been 10 days since our little girl entered our world and I can say we are resting and healing well. Little Hope is such a dream come true. She was actually born a few days earlier than planned. I went in for my final dr’s appointments and my heart rate was a bit high and they were concerned prenclampsia was setting in. My amazing husband rushed to the hospital to be with me and convinced the dr’s to deliver baby girl 3 days early (he can sell ice to an eskimo).  We had to wait until 9pm for her now scheduled delivery for safety so I had time to reflect on my final moments of pregnancy:


I’m sitting in pre-op at this moment in the final quiet hours before I am a mom of 3 little ones. Our surgery was scheduled for Monday but naturally nothing ever goes to plan with pregnancy and she will be delivered 3 days earlier than expected. I’m in a room with multiple pre op/post op beds and I’m alone but not lonely. I’m a little anxious, but at peace. I remember this is the room they brought me to when I was finishing giving birth to Phoebe. Then, there was mourning and whailing, today, there is the anticipation of joy.  I’ll never forget this room now for so many reasons. This room is no longer a place of death but redemption.


as far as all of my births have gone, Hope’s was the most peaceful and almost enjoyable experience I’ve ever had. All the staff were totally relaxed, no one was screaming over each other, no alarms were going off, we were eating music and I had time to breathe. The. In a few short moments she was there and absolutely beautiful.

Having a daughter is so life changing for my family. I’m in constant awe and my husband is totally in love with our little girl. Luke is curious and slightly offended this little guest seems to not be out of his mommy’s arms much less appear to be leaving. Isaac is too busy with school and therapy to care too much he now has a sister but he’s still curious who this little person is.

There is a bible verse from Isaiah that truly encapsulated our entire year up to this point:

I can’t deny Gods provision, healing and abundant blessings in the form of this little girl. She is a constant reminder that God sees us in the midst of our pain. can’t wait to get back to full health so I can experience life with my family again. As for now I’m taking it seriously to rest these next 5 weeks. This is truly the last time I’ll be able to spend this special time with our little one.

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