8 weeks and counting

Today we had another ultrasound for our little girl. She continues to be a miracle one day after another. A few months ago we had an ultrasound done and the doctors were a little alarmed that she dropped from 17th percentile to the 9th percentile. Now she has boosted up to 30% and has not stopped moving around for weeks.

All of my pregnancies were considered “high risk” and this one is no different. I take insulin, blood pressure pills, monitor the babies movement, and a litany of phone calls and weekly shots to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Most people when they see me say I’m all “baby” because I’ve basically only gained 10lbs. Don’t get jealous. Please refer to the previous paragraph and add two toddlers. I never stop moving and neither do they.

What have I learned through this 4th and final pregnancy?

1. Don’t apologize for needing to rest. I struggle with this one daily. If I’m tired I’m tired and I need to listen to my body to stop and lay down if needed. Sometimes the iPad watches them, sometimes it’s lots of toys and books or the yard to play in. The key for me is to not feel like I’m doing something wrong for resting and taking care of the baby inside of me and making sure she has the best.

2. Accept help. This time around I’m saying “yes” to people coming by and helping with the boys. I’m saying yes to baby sitters and date nights when we can. Saying yes also means saying no to self inflicted guilt that I’m not doing my “duty” by trying to be everything for my kids. It’s hard to think but there are people out there who can love your kids for who hey are as well. Maybe not like you, naturally but allow others to speak into your children’s lives.

3. Appreciating my husband for the provider and the man he is. This one does not have to do with having another baby as much as it has to do with not forgetting him in the hustle of toddlerhood. My husband works nearly 3 Jobs so I can stay home with our boys. After the loss of our daughter last year it changed us. Now that we are having another girl I can see the transformation of my husband into a different type of man and a different type of father. I’ve known my husband for about 13 years and he is ever evolving and still becoming the man God has called him to be. Is he perfect? Not even close. But day by day I see more of the incredible man he is becoming.

4. Be thankful for every moment. I’m thankful for two little boys who love their mama a supportive and loving husband and thankful for every moment of this pregnancy. We can’t wait to meet this little girl.

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