Pregnancy and the task of raising a superhero


esther_onenightwiththeking_030714_820pxIf you read the blog recently, you will know that we are almost 7 months pregnant (yay!) and that we are having a girl! Now, I am extremely excited about having a daughter and at the same time totally nervous. I know how to take care of a newborn, that’s not the issue. There will be little/big changes that we have not had to deal with before. The fact that I’m going to need a crate for all the bows, dresses and frilly things I’m certain my family will purchase for her. It’s all good, I don’t mind!


tumblr_p4gxxyRxgs1w5spf2o2_540What makes me nervous is the desire to raise her to be a strong woman who won’t let fears or shortcomings define her. Could she be someone like Queen Esther, she bravely went before the king to defend her people even though it could have meant certain death. Or what about Jael- a woman who stopped a war by stopping the general- with a tent peg to the head. Or what about taking it out of reality with Okoye- the general of the Djora who protected the royal family of Wakanda at all cost?


3e2b9766f4c65e81ba9998fe1150e8d9I’m not a huge fan of princess franchise with the fluffy dresses and the prince coming to save you, however, Princess Shuri who is highly intelligent pursued a passion for science is pretty incredible. Or Phoebe  (our little girl in heavens namesake), in the Bible who walked- WALKED the entire book of Romans to every single church in Rome and read it aloud to everyone.



pUWkBhduwOtRAVV-800x450-noPadWhat about someone as fearless as  Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) who never listens when a man told her she couldn’t do something. What do I want? I want a sweet girl, who is also intelligent, fearless, wise, strong as her brothers. I want her to be a protector of those who cannot protect themselves, someone who loves God and spends a life in pursuit of knowing who she is in Christ. Does that make her like a superhero? Maybe to someone, she will be, and I’m ok with that.

I know life will happen and things will be way beyond my control. What I want for my daughter is for her to be unbothered by others definitions of what she ‘should be’ and she always pursues what she can be. She will have to deal with what others will think of her for the rest of her life, what we want for her is to know no matter what she is the daughter of The King.

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