Dollar store Chronicles Easter Edition


When I was a kid Easter meant church service, scratchy hats, and frilly dresses and huge special dinners.  We never really ‘did’ Easter baskets or egg dying.  I honestly think my parents were just being cost effective and did not want to buy a ton of candy to put in a basket every year. That being said, life is a bit different now. This day is still and will always be all about Christ, his resurrection and him coming back 3 days later.  We have huge easter events at church (no frilly dresses for me). Cute little kids still dress up and there are copies amounts of easter eggs and I have not gotten that huge Easter dinner thing down at all.

Churchgoer or not, maybe you are wanting to do something for your kids and not spend a ton of money doing it. My two boys are just short of age 3 and 1 1/2 and I’m not big on giving them too many sweets.  So I made my way over to the dollar store and got creative.

What type of items did I buy? Small toys I know they already like: 


-Board books

-ABC Flashcards

-Simple bubble maker (looks like a water gun)

Practical items

-Sippy cups

-Apple juice

-Puppet washcloths (get 10 of these, they love them and they are really sturdy)

-1 piece of chocolate (I couldn’t help it)

If you are still wanting to decorate eggs they have dying kits as well as a ton of plastic eggs to fill! Maybe you are the one hosting the big Easter dinner, there are Easter themed plates and coordinating plasticware (or glassware)) and cute decorations that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Along with the Easter baskets themselves and filling both baskets cost a total of 19.00! I stuffed all I could in them! If you wanted to add more than I did, the bigger the basket, the more gifts you can add! Have fun with this simple project that can make your kids day.


Happy Easter!

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