My little girl Phoebe passed away.

IMG_2582.PNGI hope this is read because I’m not sure I can ever write this down or explain it again. So I hope you read it, this may be my only explanation. Two nights ago I was 20 weeks pregnant with our first daughter, her name was Phoebe. I had no idea I was in labor and gave birth to her in our house, then rushed to the hospital. She was alive for about 30 minutes. My baby, who technically you can abort at her age was alive.

She changed our lives forever.

She took one for the team and saved my life.

How? There was a bacterial infection that once she was born spread throughout my body. I began to have a fever and lost a lot of blood. I lost more blood and blacked out. After many many rounds of antibiotics and two bags of blood, I was released to go home.

If Phoebe was not born when she was I don’t know what could have happened to me. I’m now home with all the effects of having a baby, but my daughter is in heaven and we are here.

Do I fully understand why? No. Do I know in my spirit that she is in a better place right now and that one day we WILL see her again? Yes.


Because of Jesus. This is not the part of the blog where you check out and say “well, that works for you.”

I watched my daughter live and die prematurely. Why do I have hope? Because of Christ. I have peace in my heart in the midst of the worst time in my entire life.

There is a hope that has been given to us through Jesus. He died for us so we could live. Read John3:16-17. Find a bible. Look it up.

We will bury our baby girl in a few days, and I never want to experience this pain of picking out my child’s headstone ever again. I will never take for granted what I’ve been blessed with ever again. But that’s for another blog.

I’ll be taking a break for a few weeks, then I’ll talk about the lessons we’ve learned. As for now, I can barely walk and need to rest. I’m thankful for all the kind messages and for the people who have been dropping off food for us. There are moments of joy and extreme pain and loss. But our hope lays in Jesus.

Thank you for your time,

Lisa Jines.


  1. Wow! ((Hugs)) and many prayers of comfort. That is an intense and incredible story. Grateful you are okay. Very sad for your baby girl. Seek comfort in the Lord. Reach out for help if you have any depression signs. Love you! And your sweet family. What is your paypal? We want to buy you dinner/lunch.


  2. Lisa you were blessed. Your baby was a servant of God.In the midst of your unforseen illness she stepped up so your life would be spared for your husband and sons. Oh thank you Jesus..


  3. Lisa, I am so hurt for you, Nathan, and the boys. But I am happy that God has given you an understanding and that He blessed you to pull through. At least Baby Phoebe is in the arms of Jesus and the angels that are encamped around her.
    Dave and I love you and are here to pray with you through your pain. God will keep her until you see her again.♡


  4. Thank you for having the courage to share this!
    As you mourn, take the time that you need.
    As you grieve, continueto be comforted by Jesus and each other.
    You are amazingly strong.
    We will continue to pray that God’s peace will surround your family!
    Eric & Shawana


  5. One day when time has passed and some of the hurt is dulled, I would love to just talk with you about how I have experienced similar and this past year have lost two little ones in my first trimester. I will always love you my sister and I pray that the peace of God will envelope you as He ministers to your heart and spirit.


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