The Dollar Store Chronicles


Ah, the local dollar store! An oasis for the thrifty, a great place to get snacks for a road trip. Or in my case, a great place to buy inexpensive stuff for the boys.  I get to feel like I’m spoiling my kids and it won’t cost me more than $20.00, sometimes 10.00.

So…how do we go to the dollar tree on our budget and get fun things for the boys? We have a ‘baby budget’ that is used mostly for diapers and wipes, but if there are a few dollars left over we make the trip (double stroller and all) to our local Dollar Tree.

Now, we go to the dollar store a lot for items for Christmas:

  • Cookie tins- we make nearly all of our neighbors and church family (I’m not kidding, like 100 tins worth) of cookies every year. We do it because we are thankful for them and it’s a great gesture that is reasonably inexpensive.
  • We also get stocking stuffers for the kids- honestly, my toddlers don’t care too much about fancy toys and I love that. I will get play-doh, trucks, plastic foods and  stuffed animals
  • Wrapping paper- this one is like jumping into the cornucopia at the Hunger Games-you may come our alive, you may come out missing an arm. May the odds ever be in your favor.

When I go with the boys– I let Isaac pick one Item, Luke is not as interested in choosing. He’s just happy to be there!

He tends to pick a toy truck or a book. I give him two options and he picks what he likes. Keep in mind, I don’t let him do this for the candy section- we tend to skip that part…

  • Books-My boys love books to death-like I have thrown out bags and bags of broken bindings and board books.   So when we go I get a few board books. Every time. Its inevitable they will break. We’re working on that. The cool part about our local Dollar Tree is that they have a Christian Book section. OK, it’s a little box- BUT I have found plenty of coloring books, board books and fun things for the boys.
  • Toys- I try not to get too may toys. They tend to have lots of small parts- I’m not concerned about choking- I’m concerned about stepping on them at 2 am.
  • Baskets- I am a basket junkie. I admit it. However, for us, it’s the best way to organize the boy’s clothes, bottles and sippy cups. I have their items separated by color baskets-blue for one and green for the other. It makes it a LOT easier than opening up a drawer and hoping for the best.
  • Mugs-What do I get for me when we go? Outside of the occasional diet soda, I’m also a coffee cup junkie. I can’t ever have that Ikea perfect kitchen. I love variety too much.
  • Crafts- Depending on the season I get some crafts to make a seasonal wreath (yes, I am that mom and will not apologize for it either).


We just like to have fun! If you are on a budget, or maybe you just like a good deal and having fun with your family for a low price-head down to your local dollar store


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