Learning to Breathe- God ordained rest


This past week we spent back east visiting my family. After the ‘adventure’ of two small children on an airplane (that’s for another blog post ) we are happy to be home and all a bit jet-lagged. However, it was truly a restful vacation. We jokingly call my parents house the sleepy house because we always take more naps here, are more patient here. We’re just having more fun together here.  There were many afternoons where I was laying down and totally not worried about my kids. I do have to add that I was sick the entire week-I still am. I began to take ‘He makes me lay down beside still waters’ seriously.

I think the biggest thing I’m learning right now is to rest and not feel guilty.  It honestly took me a few days to not have the sinking feeling I was supposed to be doing something or ashamed that I was not doing everything myself.

I think a lot of times as women we feel the need to ‘prove’ ourselves, even if it’s to ourselves. We have to prove that we are stronger, smarter, faster, can deflect bullets with our wristbands, use our magic lasso of truth…sorry I drifted a bit… You get the point- we feel like we HAVE. To be Wonder woman all the time.

The truth is, we don’t. But that’s ok. We were never meant to be everything. That’s where Jesus comes in. The Holy Spirit gives us strength when we have none, gives us words when we have few and guides us when we can’t see.

Because of letting go and allowing my family the joy of watching our kids we went to the movies,  had 3 date nights (!!) and just had a blast this past week. Learning to rest and trusting it’s going to be ok is a good thing. I’ll take it whenever I can get it.

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