Shake it up!


Ok, so I love nail polish. Like have a fond affinity for it, like a child to a teddy bear. I have been collecting and using nail polish sense I was about 12 years old.  At that age, I thought it was a really good idea to have neon green and orange alternating nails. I would change my nail color probably 2-3 times a week. I was not trying to be up on the trends or anything (there was no social media when I was a kid and honestly I think I’m all the better for it) I just loved being creative.

Now that I’m older my love for nail polish has changed and has even been refined a bit. I love gel nail polish, like when I first got it done I felt like the caveman who just discovered fire, or the first time you go on Pinterest. A whole new world was open to me! I now have my own gel kit at home and a plethora of colors I still use normal nail polish- now mostly because I just don’t have time for the process it takes to do a full gel manicure-or the time to take it off. But I still love it. One of the first colors I got was this beautiful pink sparkle gel polish by Gellish. I love it, the dimensions in the glitter, the color it was great-it just was pretty thin. I wanted it to be so much more than what I was seeing there and then. One day I was scanning the internet (things you do before you have kids and have time) and saw the PERFECT gel color.

I immediately went on to amazon to see of I can find it-and suddenly something seemed familiar about the shade. I checked the name on the order I was about to place and then checked against what I had. It was the same thing. Then why did it look so different?  Then I realized that I NEVER SHOOK THE BOTTLE. Never. Not once. I had that shade for over a year and liked it, yet was disappointed in it. But I never used it to its full potential. I never shook it.

I started to think, in what areas in my life have I never thought to ‘shake’ -not like a music video shake- but discover the real possibility in what’s already there?


What is going on in your life right now that you can shake up? What would be something small that you could do that would make a huge impact?


For me, that’s blogging. It’s scary in a lot of ways and something I’ve done little of in the past but never truly devoted myself to until now.

Another way is changing my own eating habits. I like to take what I feed my kids seriously by making baby food and trying to cram as many good things as possible. I’m not perfect at it-I’m sure some stuff is not organic or non GMO or totally clean. But I try. What I’m trying to say is I want to take my health and food intake as seriously as I take theirs. I love and care for them, I want to do the same for my own self too.

So in conclusion- just shake it. Shake the bottle, shake it like a polaroid picture if you need to. Just change things up. You may be surprised what comes to the surface!

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