Stay at home mom year 1 

Let’s just start that this was a total God thing. Financially it makes no sense at all to live in the Bay Area and live on one income. One year into this amazing transition I have no regrets. The Lord Has answered our prayers by helping with extra income with great companies like Uber and Task Rabbit and even Next Door.

 So what has this last year been like? We now have a new beautiful little boy named Luke. He is sweet and lovable and the total opposite of his adventurous and spunky big (relatively) brother Ike (Isaac).

I was not sure what to expect when I knew we were going to have two kids. I had fears of everyone telling me ‘the second one I going to be worse’ and visions of something rivaling problem child and Dennis the menace rolled into one. But it’s nothing like that. I’m constantly amazed by the grace and patience bestowed on me. My husband is as well-he is more of a saint than he gives himself credit for. Pastoring and working side jobs to support us is no small task and he has done so for over a year now without complaining. I have a true gift in the love of my life.

Do I regret quitting my job? NOPE. Somehow by Gods provision, we have managed to pay off over $54,000.00 worth of debt. Outside of paying off the last part of my student loans. I am debt free. Dave Ramsey plan really does work.

Are some days harder than others? Sure, but any parent, working or not can say the same thing.

What have I learned after being home for a year? Patience. Patience for my children, for myself and finding joy in all of it. Just today I took my kids to the park. With my youngest strapped to me, I was holding my oldest hand and he was toddling along. I realized five minutes in that we were WALKING around the small park- and this is all new for him because he just started really walking at about Thanksgiving. Slowly but surely two of my steps were four to six of his. I didn’t try to rush him or make him go faster but walked with him at the best he could go.

I live for the smiles and joy on their faces. The new discoveries they make and even seeing them do something they have never done before. It never gets old. I know this is what God called me for right at this moment and I am so thankful for all of it.

So, whats my conclusion in all of this? SAHM is not for everyone, I honestly never thought it was for me until God called me to do so. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and cannot wait for what the next year holds for all my boys.

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